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This page features some of the comedians that have graced the Slaughter Comedy shows.

If you are comedian and you’ve been on our show and would like to be featured on this page, please fill out our comic profile form.

Comedians & Entertainers

Alex JustAlex

Alex Ansel

Carlos Anthony

Vincent Blackshear

Louie Bruce

Zachary Cash

Lambus Dean as Sammy


Jimi Bowers

Robert McGovern

Charles Wynn

Leandra Doemer

Jaye Devan

Markus Dietz

Jeremy Flores

Brendan Jay

O’Malley Jones

Jerry Koufeldt

Dennis Lavender

Cecilia Lee

Chlorizo Lopez

Sophia S Makarova

Christopher “Funnybone” Myers

Andrea Nittoli

Lou Ragland

Victor Rodriguez


DJ ProDeezy

John Gilbert

Tema Louise Sal

Bobby Wayne Stauts

Jonathan Smilowitz

Matthew Shone

Michael “Make Em Holla” Szalla

Chevy Terrill

Gerald Dean Palfrey

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